cloud computing

With the rapid development of the Internet, an increasing number of enterprisers have introduced virtualization and cloud computing in IT infrastructure construction to improve the operational efficiency and reduce the TCO. Through flexible and easy-to-expand business methods, cloud computing can help enterprises greatly improve the agility of operation management and promote the rapid business development. Meanwhile, there are also challenges faced by enterprisers during its migration to cloud computing:


How to effectively manage a distributed and complicated infrastructure environment where the physical and virtual resources coexist?


How to avoid the impact on the existing business caused by the migration process?


How to meet the requirements of different business application scenarios in the enterprise?


How to ensure the consistency and continuity of service experience under various access modes?

Our Advantage

We have successfully provided a complete, efficient, and easy-to-build solution of business cloudization to many companies. We have also prepared a set of processes on research and development management to achieve comprehensive business cloudization in a quick and secure way, and to promote the digital transformation of the business.

Case Study


SMS ONE是SMS SMS ONE, the core business platform of SMS Assist, integrates SMS, customers, and service providers into a unified service platform. This platform is deployed on AWS in order to perfectly support the rapid development of SMS Assist.

Distributed Computing

Microservice architecture is applied in the latest version of SMS ONE. Microservice is a distributed application whose management and deployment can be facilitated through AWS ECS and Docker. For applications that require large-scale calculations such as automatic ordering, the parallel computing of AWS Lambda is adopted to increase the calculation speed and improve the efficiency of automatic ordering.

Convenient Cloud Service

AWS cloud services are applied in SMS ONE to easily achieve functions of the complex business system: SNS and SQS of AWS are used to achieve system decoupling, SES to send and receive emails, S3 to store documents, and ES establishes data indexes to support full text Search etc. Apart from this, Call Center of SMS ONE also uses AI services such as Lex, Polly and Transcriber to improve the intelligence level in customer service and data analysis.

High Availability

AWS ELB, RDS clusters, ECS container clusters are used in SMS ONE to help the system achieve high availability. At the same time, other AWS application services used by SMS ONE, such as SES, SNS and SQS, are also highly available.

Automatic Scaling

SMS ONE uses the AWS Auto Scaling service to help the system automatically scale IT resources according to its access rules. During the peak hours of system visit, AWS can automatically expand the system to ensure the stability of the website. While during the off-peak hours, AWS can automatically release resources to reduce the use cost.

Service monitoring

AWS Cloud Watch is adopted by SMS ONE to monitor IT resources of SMS Assist. An email will be sent to the relevant personnel when any defined value of monitoring indicators is reached.

Network and Security

At present, the SMS ONE service areas are concentrated in the United States and Canada. The service area will expand to a larger area in the future due to the continuous growth of SMS Assist. AWS joins different regions through its internal backbone network to ensure that different regions can enjoy the same efficient service experience. Since AWS cloud platform has a high level of security protection, the SMS ONE system can successfully pass the tests don by well-known security agencies and be verified as low-risk level.