Cloud storage

With the development of the Internet of Things and big data, technologies such as big data, cloud computing, mobile computing, and social media have made great progress, leading to the explosive growth of data. As an important asset, data needs to be stored in a more appropriate and safer way. Currently, traditional data storage technologies face problems in disk arrays, storage, storage scalability, and computing and storage integration, and it is unable to store and manage the massive data effectively. Enterprises also have met the challenges listed below.


Data exploration leads to the increase in management and infrastructure costs.


System performance is affected by the massive data.


Data security needs to be effectively guaranteed.

Under this circumstance, the solution of cloud storage has appeared. With cluster application, grid technology or distributed file system, various storage equipment in the network collaborate well and provide users with functions of external data storage and business access. Cloud storage also provide users with easier access to data at anytime and from anywhere, reduce storage space and ensure the data security.

Our Advantage

Unified Storage Service

Various storage services are provided to meet the business needs of complex data structures and provide unified storage capabilities.

High Reliability of Data Security

Access control policies are prepared according to customers’ needs and their confidentiality levels to prevent the illegal access to data and ensures the data security.

Flexible Distributed Storage Architecture

A fully distributed storage architecture and the flexible storage partition are applied to ensure the scalability, data reliability, high performance, and manageability of the storage system, which lays the foundation of high-performance storage system.