mobile development

With the development of mobile Internet and smartphones, people can find more ways to communicate with each other by means of media terminals. The mobile Internet is convenient, real-time, accuracy and easy to be located, which meet people’s needs on information. While enjoying the the convenient services of mobile internet, people at the same time put forward higher expectations on mobile development. People expect to migrate more information systems and applications to the smartphones, and to login accounts to synchronize various internet resources for easier use later on.

Due to the problem of cross-platform, the mobile development of Android and IOS faces problems below:


It is difficult to upgrade the system and meet the business needs of rapid iterations.


The labor cost is increasing, leading to the increase of development cost.


Mobile development practices need to be standardized. User experience and application performance needs to be improved.


A unified middleware system is adopted to match various platforms.

Mainstream front-end frameworks of mobile development are applied to be on a par with the performance of native applications.

The Project Team is well-structured and the team members cooperate well to improve the delivery efficiency and lower the development cost.

The official development guidelines are followed and the latest official frameworks and technologies are adopted to improve the performance and stability of applications.


SMS ONE Turn App

SMS ONE Turn, an app developed for inspection by affiliates at site, provides solution for affiliates to eletronize their spreadsheets from paper forms. Up to date techniques are applied during the development of such app, for instance, the Swift programming language is adopted to develop the IOS version, Kotlin to develop the Android version, and the latest MVVM framework to increase the efficiency of the iteration. By electonizing spreadsheets from paper forms, the App helps clients solve problems including data achieving, data sync, and report generation , which in the end improves the efficiency of clients at work.