Network Security

  • Firewall and exit connections help filter illegal IP packets. Bandwidth traffic load and limit are configured to control the single IP upload and download traffic.
  • The intranet is achieved with a three-tiers exchanger, a firewall and a number of switches.
  • Each project team is isolated and allocated with independent VLAN.
  • VPN connection and NAT mapping are requested prior to having access to key project resources.


AWS Access Control

  • External service ports are under control.
  • The black list and white list of IP access are prepared.
  • IAM accounts are only open to core project members, and the principle of least privilege is applied during the process of authorization.
  • Secure communications management such as HTTPS is applied.

AWS Resource Security

  • High availability is adopted to ensure that project websites can be operated continuously.
  • VPC is applied to build a private cloud and ensure the security of project resources.
  • AWS database, such as RDS and Redis are used, and the AWS backup mechanism is launched to ensure data security.

System Monitoring and Problem Tracking

  • AWS monitoring mechanisms, such as Cloud Trail and Cloud Watch, are turned on.
  • System access logs and operation logs are audited to locate and fix any problems and to measure accountability.

Project Members

Our staff are experienced and highly motivated. They adopt the state-of-art technologies and follow the well-developed project management procedures to ensure that their work are delivered of high quality.



Standard software development process and proactive control of potential risks.

ISO 27001

Guard against business information leakage and prevent malicious information hack.

Software Copyright

Capacity to develop copyrighted software and application.